• Ziera Red Neon Flex 6mm

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NEON FLEX 6 x 12mm

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Replacement for traditional neon tubes. Traditional tubes were easily breakable & consume high voltage.

Ease to cut as per your measurement.

Water proof

For internal and external purpose

Used for signage and decorative purposes

Dimension: 6mm * 12 mm

Low voltage 12V / 24V

Energy efficiency

NEON FLEX 6 x 12mm


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Introducing our Neon Flex 6mm – the sleek and flexible lighting solution to add vibrant vibes to your space! With its slender design and easy bendability, you can effortlessly shape and illuminate any area. This modern alternative to traditional neon is perfect for creative lighting projects, signage, or highlighting architectural features. Powered by energy-efficient LED technology, it brings a vivid and consistent glow, while its slender profile offers versatility in various applications. Upgrade your lighting game with the simplicity and style of our Neon Flex 6mm – where flexibility meets brilliance!


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